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How It Works

Digital Organizer

Most accountants and their clients prefer our digital organizer.

1branded linkGet your own branded link and start sharing it with clients.
2form questionsYour clients will get an easy, step-by-step process for filling out their tax info.
3accountant reportYou'll get all their info at once so you can file their return with ease.
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Why clients love it

Fast & easy to fill out

Questions are simplified and asked one at a time.

Personalized questions

Questions are determined in real time based on client's responses.

Easy to upload documents

Clients upload documents as they go through the organizer.

Pre-filled for returning clients

A client's answers are pre-filled based on prior years.

No passwords needed

Clients do not need to create an account - all they need is your link.

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Why accountants love it

No more messy email chains

The organizer walks clients through all the info & documents you'll need from them, reducing back-and-forth significantly.

No more working overtime

Accountants have reported significant time savings due to the reduced back-and-forth with clients.

No more scattered documents

Clients submit everything at once, so their documents are all organized together. Easily transfer documents to other portals.

No more chasing clients

Just send your link to clients. Since they'll submit everything at once, you won't have to chase them for missing info or documents.

No more incomplete info

The organizer covers all income, credits, and deductions, including 2021-specific topics such as advanced child tax credit, etc.

No more being left behind

As technology advances from year to year, so do client expectations. Accountants have been taking notice, and so should you.

Security you can trust

We use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) to encrypt data at rest and 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt data in transit.

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