A tax organizer that saves you time and delights your clients

Basic PDF

Clients print and fill it out by hand

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Fillable PDF

Clients fill and submit it right from the browser

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How It Works

Fillable PDF

Most accountants and their clients prefer our Fillable PDF

1branded linkGet your shareable link and start sharing it with clients.
2form questionsYour clients will fill out the PDF and submit it right in the browser.
3accountant reportYou'll get all their info at once so you can file their return with ease.
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Why clients love it

Fast & easy to fill out

The PDF is simple and intuitive

No need to print anything

Clients fill out the PDF directly in the browser.

Easy to upload documents

Clients upload relevant documents as they're filling out the PDF.

No logins or passwords are needed

Clients do not need to create an account - all they need is your link.

Pre-filled for returning clients

A client's relevant answers are prefilled based on prior years.

Provides guidance

A client who wants extra hand-holding can use the guided form option.

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Why accountants love it

Quick and easy to setup

You'll have your own branded organizer in under a minute.

Comprehensive set of questions

Covers all sources of income, deductions and credits, including latest tax rules.

Make your clients happy

Clients overwhelmingly prefer fillable PDFs over printing out forms.

Keep things organized

All of your client organizers and documents are centralized in one place.

Save time

No time wasted chasing down documents from clients. You'll get all their info and documents at once.

Compatible with other software

Easily upload your client documents to SmartVault, Canopy, etc.

Comes with our guided form

Clients who want extra hand-holding can use the guided form.

Security you can trust

We use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) to encrypt data at rest and 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt data in transit.

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